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What is "The Rick Simpson Protocol"?

Better Yet Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson manufactured the essential oils of cannabis to help treat his own melanoma. He has helped thousands of people do the same. He is a force of nature helping humanity take a compassionate step forward. He defined what cancer patients all over the world are doing with their essential oils of cannabis - consume 60 grams of essential oils of cannabis in a 90-day period.

Canneutics, LLC manufactures and packages precision dosed capsules assisting patients in the consumption of the 60 grams of essential oils of cannabis. Early on, reflecting patient's requests, Canneutics, LLC implemented low dose to high dose ramping schedule and a commitment to each patient in achieving a "better quality of life". .  The approach is to consume the essential oils as quickly as possible within the patient's tolerance. As any practitioner will say, every patient is different. We've seen patients take longer than the 90-day period also achieving a "better quality of life".

NOTE: This information should not be misconstrued as medical advice. We are conveying patient feedback on their use of the essential oils of cannabis in their struggles with opioid use disorder

Opioid Use Disorder

The Green Cross Protocol

Previously, when we were Rhode Island based, spent time working with patients and caregivers of the Green Cross of Rhode Island community. Worked with GCRI to establish a patient feedback network for helping patients help themselves in dealing with their opioid use disorder.

The Need

As patients across the country are suffering with opioid use disorder, many have realized that the essential oils of cannabis offer a much safer and compatible replacement treatment for their prescribed opioid medicines. This is not us speaking this is the patients speaking. We're here to help produce good quality Mother Nature based doses.

The Deed

As patients have discovered on their own, they must decrease their opioid dosage as they increase their cannabis oil dosage

The Result

Many patients have remained opioid free after following the Green Cross Protocol. Patients fighting physical addition may require longer periods of treatment. Most patients battling chronic pain may continue with a low dose solution once they've stopped their opioid use. Again, we make no claims of success, we are only conveying patient results per our patient/caregiver testimonials.