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Patients have discovered that cannabis and hemp essential oils are a very effective natural supplement when treating a number of ailments. They have also discovered in achieving "therapeutic success" that their dose formulations require specific combinations of THC and CBD which we call the cannabinoid ratio. Prominent in our formulation history are many of these ratios which will be input for future research.

NOTE: Our products are based entirely on the essential oils from hemp and cannabis. We use no isolates or synthetics in our formulations.

Dose Types

Through our work with patients over the past 6 years we have come to manufacture 5 dose types:

CBD only - Our CBD only is an essential oil of hemp that has been diluted with organic hemp seed oil so that it meets the governmental limit for hemp of .3% THC

THC only - The THC only dose type is derived from cannabis strains containing no CBD

CBD Dominant - The CBD Dominant dose contains both CBD and THC with a CBD content that is higher than the THC content

THC Dominant - The THC Dominant dose contains both CBD and THC with a THC content that is higher than the CBD content

Balanced - The balanced dose contains equal parts THC  & CBD

Cannabinoid Ratios

What exactly is a ratio? A ratio is simply a relationship between two numbers.

What is a cannabinoid ratio?

    A cannabinoid ratio occurs in a dose containing multiple cannabinoids (i.e. THC and CBD). When discussing the cannabinoid ratio we always list the THC first followed by the CBD. For example, a 1:10 ratio dose correlates to a 1-part THC to 10-part CBD dose.

The amounts of cannabinoids in each dose will vary. For example, a patient suffering from inflammatory pain might use a CBD dominant dose with a 1:5 ratio of THC to CBD. A patient having a high sensitivity to THC might use a dose of 1mg THC / 5mg CBD. Whereas a patient having a higher tolerance might use a dose of 10mg THC / 50mg CBD. Both of these CBD dominant doses are considered the same ratio 1:5 but with different magnitudes.